The activity of our company is aimed at Future trading and spot trading which provides investment services worldwide

Yes, you can create multiple account.

The registration process on the website is quite simple. You need to fill out the fields of the registration form, which include the name of the user, his email address, country, and Number.
After login, you can visit the My profile page to edit your details. For security reasons, we do not allow users to change their e-mail and payment information after registration. If you would like to change your e-mail or payment system, please contact our support and we will change it for you
The minimum investment is of $25
Of course. You have the right to dispose of the profits at your own discretion, including reinvesting them in the project.
yes, the Minimum withdrawal $5. Maximum is unlimited.
Yes, there are 10% fees for withdrawal.
On every thursday You can withdraw Minimum withdrawal request is of $5