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Cryptocurrency spot Trade deals with the instant buying and selling of digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum on the same date. Join the best crypto based investment platform

About Us

Kryptoton was founded in 2020 with a group of crypto enthusiasts. Since then we’ve grown into an incredible team working And the Founder of Kryptoton is Mr. Kennett Jamie Bryan Crypto trading is a big part of who we are, and it’s been in our DNA from day one! Kryptoton trades into spot traders, future traders, marketers, investors and more, all with one thing in common - we love crypto!

Kryptoton team diverse group has got a wealth of expertise and get the best from all our different walks of life. This is how we’re able to provide such a unique experience for our investor's. Kryptoton is committed to earning and maintaining your trust. Kryptoton believe in order to do.

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The Concept of Crypto Future Trade

In the futures market, the trading process is different. Here, you will be trading on the contract values and not the coins that represent the value of a specific bitcoin or altcoins. When you are buying a futures contract, that does not mean that you own the underlying cryptocurrency. Rather, you own a digital smart contract in a form of an agreement to either buy or sell a specific cryptocurrency at a future date. In such a way, ownership of the futures contract never offers you any sort of economic effectives such as voting and staking.

Crypto futures contracts offer protection against volatility and adverse price movements on their underlying asset. Also, it is a proxy tool for traders to speculate on the future prices of a specific cryptocurrency.

The Concept of Crypto Spot Trade

Cryptocurrency spot trading or exchanging is the way toward purchasing and selling digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum for sure-fire conveyance. All in all, digital forms of money are straightforwardly moved between market members (purchasers and dealers). In a spot market, you have direct responsibility for and are qualified for legitimate market rights like deciding in favor of a significant rise in the trading or marking interest.

Trading, for example, Binance works with spot trading exercises, empowering clients to direct fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto exchange. Spot trades go about as immediate trades for purchasers and merchants to offer and request a crypto resource. At the point when a bid or offer is coordinated, the trade will work with the exchange. Spot trades work 24 hours per day/7 days every week, which implies you can purchase and sell crypto any time and quickly.


Kryptoton is a Safety-First company. We want you to feel confident and secure on CKryptoton, so these are the commitments you can always expect from us.

  • 10% direct and 10% binary commission
  • payment structures and customised deals
  • fast & Easy payments
  • 24/7 dedicated support.
Why You only need to Choose Kryptoton as your Personal Bitcoin Portfolio Manager
  • Globally Regulated
  • 24/7 Multilingual Customer Support
  • Personal Account Managers
  • 10 Years Trading Experience
  • High potential for high returns.
  • Secured Investments.
  • High ROI in short periods.
  • Detailed statistics on performance
  • Guaranteed High ROI
  • Superior trading condition
  • Expert Financial Advice
  • Advanced trading Analytics
  • Best Investment Packages
  • Secure Storage
  • Highly Professional Team of Experts

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“I have many accounts in Kryptoton and I appreciate their seamless nature.... friendly website , friendly panel for me and friendly incomes.”

Lewis g

“Delighted and amazing features, I like the web structure and good opportunity for fellas around crypto.”

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Mr. Kennett Jamie Bryan has been at the helm of Kryptoton Networks Limited since its inception in 2021. He has helped steer the company toward success with his strategies and ideas. Never afraid to tread outside the norm to find tech that supports his goals, Mr. Kennett Jamie Bryan found that trading crypto online could be done easily, quickly and more securely. Working on the code of this project first-hand, not once during the lifetime of this project was Mr. Kennett Jamie Bryan not leading and giving direction. He did this even more so as we began expanding locally and internationally. His leadership is evident as we’ve reached major milestones in a fraction of the time and have secured investor confidence (without any hype).

His vision for Kryptoton Networks was to be a zero-risk trading medium that is beginner friendly and allows users to easily interact and transact. This means users can trade with each other and not fear attacks or lackluster interest in the market for pushing down prices. His vision to create something that can be a stepping stone to success was also reached when we launched Kryptoton in 2021. Mr. Kennett Jamie Bryan’s leadership Kryptoton Networks will continue to grow from strength to strength and will become a dominant force in the crypto industry.


  • $25000 single standard investment.
  • 3% bonus on cash sales from date.


  • $50000 single standard investment.
  • 5% bonus on cash sales from date .


  • $100000 single standard investment
  • 7% on sales complete turnover from date